Lyse Deselliers was born and raised in Quebec city. The surrounding provincial parks allowed her to develop a deep love for nature and animals.

After graduating from Veterinary College, she practiced as a veterinarian for two years in Ottawa where she also started to paint. After moving to Calgary in 1991 she met her husband, had two children and pursued her career working with wildlife and companion animals.

She continued to paint, taking night classes at the Alberta College of Art and studying for three years with Karen Swearengen at the Swinton's studio. In 2006, she joined the Calgary Sketch Club. She became a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists as well as the Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists in 2007. While living in Calgary, she regularly participated in group shows with Art Horizons and the FCA, did commission work and showed her work in Gust Gallery, Avenida Gallery, On a Lark and the Calgary Winter Club as well as did mural work.

In 2016, she moved to Penticton, B.C. where she continues to paint the stunning surroundings. Lyse's paintings are easily recognizable due to the vivid colors she loves to use and the modern treatment of the subject. Working with acrylic, she likes experimenting with texture, mixed media and the mesmerizing effect of the light dancing on surfaces. She is interested in capturing the intrinsic movement that lives within the shapes and spaces found in nature. She feels that painting is appreciating life by creating a vision of what matters the most.

Lyse Deselliers