In Art, a commission is the hiring of an artist and payment for the creation of a custom piece of art work. Maybe you would like a portrait of a loved one or custom painting of your vintage car.  Or maybe you would like a large painting for a particular wall with a certain colour scheme in mind.  Many of our Artists would love to work with you to create a piece of art work that will bring to life your vision.  Come by and discuss your ideas and we will determine which one of our Artists  will best suit your style and subject matter.

As the South Okanagan expands and welcomes new families in alongside those settled, the times certainly permit and welcome the question of whether any of you have considered the prospect of refining your home with original art?

Let’s presume the answer is another question: WHY own original art? The benefits are boundless, but here’s a primer:

How often have you felt your heart sink by a faint shred when you see two people owning the same piece of vague department store art? We even grew weary of seeing the same posters in everyone’s dorm rooms in college more often than our nostalgia lets us admit to ourselves. Buy a piece of original art and it’s impossible to duplicate or find anywhere else by its very definition. The assured singularity of the piece guarantees your living space a sense of originality and personality.   Art is personal expression and so is lifestyle; we experience pleasure and fulfilment from dressing and living uniquely and our interior quarters are every bit a part of that.  Paintings also lend a room warm, inviting depth on a more practical level because they protrude from the wall when hung. There’s a reason sterile white conference rooms with halogen lights and nothing else feel so uncomfortable!

Your choice of artwork also illuminates the nuances of your own personality that would remain shadowed by your choice of furniture. If an original painting is dressing or decoration, it also casts a reflection of your intimate spirit that permeates your entire home and elevates it.   Art is also a canny social engine: in company, you can be sure your painting will provoke curiosity and conversation. You’d be amazed at how subtly but steadily a well-placed piece of art collects a crowd during a gathering. A deft landscape portrait of a local scene is outstanding in this capacity, especially when you live in a community as defined by the landscape as Penticton is.  A painting might also prompt unspoken appreciation, which is easier to miss but also much more special. It effectively forges a connection between your company and the artist without either of them meeting each other, sharing correspondence or even exchanging a single word. Our experiences fold into each other, and that makes art even more personal as much as it universalizes it.  The truth is that we’re all in this together and that makes us all a little closer than we realize, which is still far closer than we tend to cherish. These values only appreciate and potency over time: More and more people will enjoy the art work with you and talk to with you about it. It will preside over countless special nights. This all gives you that much more to cherish whenever you turn to the painting to counter the gloom of a bad day, treat yourself to a pleasant diversion from daily stressors, or introduce it to someone new.

This all after you’ve had the priceless adventure of exploring a local gallery, meeting an artist and learning the story behind their piece. You’ll experience not only the images and memories that stoke that our area’s legacy but more importantly the unique impression it leaves on its inhabitants. You may find that you’ll bond with the artist on some level, and this heightens an artwork’s connection with you because it has come into your hands through a human link. That link also means that you support a local artist and reward them for their labor and creativity, unlike a dime-a-dozen item you could pluck from a shelf in a drugstore. It’s infused with something personal, and who knows? The value of that artist’s work could swell and skyrocket sooner than you think.

Beyond all that, however, it still behooves you to acquire a piece of original art out of plain, unbridled love.  Everything else mentioned here flows from that spark. Artwork that lights a match in your heart deserves to have its flame kindled, even if it’s difficult or impossible to explain.  Trust that your love for it will become more refined and clear over time.  A lifetime, in fact. That’s the ultimate adventure original art affords you.

Why Own Original Art?